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Do you remember when you were a young child and you could help or be involved in cooking with your Mum or Dad. They were fun times and allot of my childhood memories center around either food , making it , eating it or playing with it. If you are the same you will be able to identify with what I am talking about and if not I can ensure you by introducing this to your family traditions will enhance your memories with your families going forward.

Now as a parent how do you get your kids to eat the right thing?
Personally I have problem trying to get our son to even to eat anything green.
Our mission is to help children appreciate nutrition through making it fun
One way is to get your kid to be interested in food and preparing food from a young age. To develop a passion for cooking when they are young and they will never go hungry. Teach them the right

The mission is to get kids excited about food , a variety of nutritional foods from different countries and cultures and then but not secondary help develop our kids eating the right type of food. It is a simple plan but I am sure it will take allot of effort but will be fun achieving this goal.

Through the Luigi bear series we make food fun and provide a portal to let you and your young family to explore a variety of countries and cuisines. Gradually we will provide more recipes and explore different types of preparation methods and experiences.

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