About Luigi


Luigi Bear started a voice back in 2008 and developed in the imagination of mine until finally making it onto a story board by 2014. Being challenge is the area of drawing reaching out to a professional illustrator was the only was the Luigi Bear and friends was ever going to make their way onto the pages of the existing book. Luckily with the introduction to Natalia Loganova, saw Luigi, Hedgy prang into life and culminated in the first release with the birth of our son (LBJ).

Not being from a publishing background it has all been a learning experience from finding the right publisher, choosing the correct paper quality to highlight the water based colors  and doing book reading. We are loving the journey and hope you will continue to join us as part of the Luigi Bear family for many years

Latest book reading

We were lucky to be invited down to a coastal town called Oiso  about 1.5 hours away from Tokyo, to give our 1st book reading. It was a realization that I can potential take this hobby and make into something bigger

The English school in Oiso had been reading our books for a couple fo years now and were very interested in meeting my family and myself. As part of their Christmas festival, I was able to provide them with a little insight into the world of Luigi Bear.

We had a great day down there and the had been the kids ranged from about 5-9 year old and with varying English ability. Hopefully by the end of the reading some of them were influence to think about helping Mum in the litchen for dinner or trying to eating some more healthy.

Really looking forward to the next reading as keep it all real for me.

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