Luigi’s Friends

Luigi the bear

Luigi was born on a remote island called Jan Mayen near Norway. Naturally, he is a big , He is white and left handed polar bear who loves adventures and always carries a compass in his bag , just for when he needs it. He was many friends around the world but his best friend is Hedgy the Hedgehog.


Hedgy has spikey brown hair and has a passion for cooking. She was born in Italy to gypsy Hedgehog parents who still travel around in a horse drawn caravan. One of Hedgy favorite thing is to have a nice cup of English tea and enjoy a jam and cream scone.


James was discovered in Hawaii. He has magical powers which includes a special connection with nature and the ability to tell the weather. He can change rainy days into sunshine  He is a little Bengal tiger and is two years old


Mona is a Hawaiian princess who will become the President of the United States when she is an Adult. Blissfully unaware of her future she enjoys playing and dancing the Hula with her friends as much as possible. Her favorite food are pancakes


Duke loves the ocean and all the creatures in it. He can swim very fast like a dolphins and once swam for two days without stopping. He can talk to whales and some of his best friends are turtles.

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